Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls and cars #02

girls and cars
Learning how to talk to girls is a simple process that anyone can achieve. Just like anything else, you have to start somewhere. I remember back in the day there was a survey about what your biggest fears was. One of the questions was: What do you fear most? Death or Public speaking
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Surprisingly most people chose public speaking to be much more fearful than death! Do you see the similarities to knowing how to talk to girls and public speaking. It is the fear of just talking in front of someone. There is this huge built up pressure that the speaker builds inside of them. Sure some of them could be valid, but most of the times the fear of failure or looking like an idiot grows way out of proportion in your mind.
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Therefore let's lay the foundation of how to talk to girls. Public speaking is very easy to do when you know the subject at hand. If your favorite sport is football, then I am sure you can speak for hours and hours about the greatest plays in the last 4 Super Bowls. Are you an expert at fixing cars? I bet you can speak for hours talking about a step by step process on removing an engine block from a car.
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So how does this relate to talking to girls? Well quite simply you want to be an expert on the subject matter. The subject at hand is talking to girls. Study up on the materials about dating and approaching girls. Knowledge is power and this will build confidence in you. Now you are armed with the expert knowledge and it's time for to practice, practice, and more practice.
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Girls and woman listen up, these self-defense tips and advice could save your life. Most sexual attacks, assaults, and rapes occur against woman and girls between the ages of 16-26 years old. Statistics are horrible for attacks approximately 1 out of 4 girls will be raped in your lifetime, and of the rapes that are reported, 77% of the victims knew their attacker.
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That means the one who is more likely to attack you could be a male relative, male friend, mother or sister's boyfriend, or a date rape. I don't want you to be a victim, ever. Read this article and pass it around to all your friends so that you can survive, and you can help someone else.
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The first thing that you need to do is get prepared. Any environment could be a moment of attack so be aware. Be aware of WHO is around you. I repeat this for you! It could be a male relative, so do not assume, just because you are alone with your friend's dad that you are safe, if you are sitting on the couch in your bra and panties, or you just stepped out of the shower in their house. Most rapists or sexual predators are opportunistic in nature. They see an opportunity and they jump on it, knowing that they won't be caught. A sexual attacker or predator is banking on your embarrassment, and being too embarrassed you won't speak up. NEWS FLASH! When you do have the courage to speak up, probably you are NOT going to be believed anyway! It will be your word against his. Let's suppose that he is an older more distinguished appearing gentleman, if anyone holds it to be true, they will assume that you wanted it, and you instigated the sexual seduction.
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Since this previously happened to me by a male relative, I will tell you straight up that nobody believed me either. Even not knowing your name, I believe that it happened to you, and it might happen to your friend too. Right now, I'm going to give you some self-defense tips that will knock your attacker on his _ _ _!
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Every moment from now on, I want you to become more aware of where you are, with whom you are with, and what if any are some of the tools that you can use for your own self-defense. First off, do not present opportunities for these perverts! Cover up, and do not flaunt everything you got, when in male company even gay males. Wherever you find yourself, look around, and discover where any exits are and notice if they really work? Windows, doors, fire escapes etc.
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Awareness. Let's talk about your neighborhood for a moment. Be aware of where you're walking ladies. Stop texting or get off the cell phone if you are walking in an isolated or wooded area. Look at the area, and note where someone might hide. Look out for hidden doorways, a patch of woods, or trees, under a bridge, beside an isolated staircase through the woods, behind some hedges or bushes. Be extra cautious if you HAVE to walk through deserted areas. Try to walk in pairs. Be aware of high car traffic areas, and sections of town that are very convenient to cars stopping or direct access to freeways, or turnpikes. Watch out for short cuts across isolated areas, fields, old factories. Those areas present OPPORTUNITY if a sexual predator wants to throw you in his truck or car. Don't go alone if you can avoid it, and don't walk there at night.