Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls and cars #06

girls and cars
If you're a guy wondering why all the beautiful women ignore you and head towards the other guys in the bar, then you're going to want to read this article. The secret to picking up girls and dating them won't be a secret for much longer
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It's all about being confident and expressing that. Not in an arrogant, obnoxious way - no that's a surefire turn off! Instead the guys who are successful with women have it in mind when they approach her that they are interested in what she has to say OR they give the impression that they are!
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Successful guys make eye contact with a woman when they are talking to her. Not in a threatening manner, but in a light and engaging way. They look at her as she speaks and then they momentarily break their gaze from her. They know that if they stare too intensely at a woman it will only freak her out.
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Guys who know how to pick up girls also know that if you can make her laugh within the first five minutes of speaking to her, then they are on the way to success. Women are nervous themselves when a guy approaches them, so any man who can dilute that nervous feeling for her is a man she wants to talk to.
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It really doesn't matter what you look like, what kind of car you drive or how much money you make, if you want to learn how to pick up women, then you've just been given some guaranteed advice!
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If you're looking for the answer to the question "how to impress a girl?" then you've probably not been having much luck in the dating game. This article will tell you three of the easiest ways to impress a girl and date her.
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If you want to impress a girl then the best start you can make is to be yourself. What that means is that you shouldn't have to pretend that you have more money than you have, that you work a job that you don't and that you drive a sports car. Yes some shallow girls might be impressed with all that, but if you start off saying that you're someone you're not, you will NEVER be able to continue that and when she finds out you're gone!
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Make sure that when you go out for the night that you are looking your best and smelling your best. Nothing will turn a girl off more quickly than a man with bad personal hygiene. On the same level, if you could stand to get yourself in shape physically, then go ahead and do that. A man who takes pride in his overall appearance has a head start on other men.
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If you can make a girl feel that she is the most important girl in the world when you're with her and when you're not, then you are on the way to discovering how to impress a girl. Do the old fashion things: open a door for her, hold a chair for her, pay for the date, be interested in what she's saying. When you're not with her, call her and send her a few text messages, just don't go over board and freak her out with too much attention.
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