Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls and cars #07

girls and cars
Texting may seem a little impersonal, especially when used to turn a girl on. However, with the tricks and sayings, you can turn that love text into a really seductive note that is sure to get her attention. This works especially well if you are one of those guys who is too nervous to ask a girl out on face to face.
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Texting is common knowledge for anyone school age and up with the exception of some elders that didn't make the callings of the technology age. Texting is little more than email by phone. An email would resemble a hand written letter and a text message would resemble a note.
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Before text transmissions, if you had interest in a gal you might leave a note on her car, slip it into her hand or pass it through a mutual friend. With text transmission, a message is delivered instantly and privately between two parties.
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If you want to attract a girl you want her to take noticeable favor of you. Remember the old saying, 'flattery will get you everything?' You will have to know her a bit before you can dive into 'turn on' texts so first you'll need to attract her. You will want her to picture you in her mind as she reads your texts. Hopefully you left a good impression when you collected her cell number so being deleted is not your future.
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Attract girls by texting things that make them feel good about who they are, display your interest in them or be complimentary of them. Be considerate when you text. Is she at work with a boss looking over her shoulder? Maybe she's in a class or busy traffic. The time you exchanged numbers would be the best time to send your first text because you know that time is likely her "free time". Start with a compliment; maybe it was what she wearing, maybe her smile, her eyes or her intelligence. Do not start with body dynamics or sexual chatter. You're in the basement and your goal is to get upstairs, one step at a time.
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Texting a girl for the intent of implanting sexual thought will get her cold feet of the floor and into the bed providing you use a little originality. Sending a sexual text from the basement will not cut it. "Turn on" text is after you have had a "date" and know things are heading south literally as in south from the navel.
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Sometimes "corny" is a good starter such as: "I thought you were from Tennessee". She'll text back and might say: "No, why would you think that?" You'll text back and say: "because honestly, you're the only ten I see". Now she knows you like what you see and you have left the door open in hopes to see more. Another text might be: "What are you wearing?" "Why?" she texts back with detail of what she is wearing. Smugly you text back," I didn't think you'd have on that much because you're so hot!'
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Once you've made the score you'll want to keep her hot so little texts throughout her day will keep you in her mind. Memorable transcriptions of a sexual encounter in a complimentary way will have her steaming, awaiting your touch.
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