Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls next door #01

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Would you like to get the girl next door? Have you been besotted with your neighbor and yet, you are hesitant to approach her? Do you fear being rejected by the girl next door? Here are some handy hints that will strengthen your position you as you go about your mission.
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Make your first meeting casual. Find a valid reason and go over to start up a conversation. During this brief time, you are making you first impression. So, bring it. No, please don't pull out that tuxedo, but dress to the best advantage. Ask a female relative or friend about what suits you well. Wear a hint of cologne so she is captivated as the breeze blows by and she inhales you. Be a little funny if you will. For instance, you can say you wish to bake some cookies but, funny you, you are almost out of sugar, could you please borrow a quarter cup. The ridiculously small amount will tickle her humor bone...assuming she has one. Keep it light; don't do too much gazing into her eyes even if that is all you wish to do.
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Your chances with her are better than, say, with some girl you meet at a bar. Why is this? Because you already have something in common, you live in the same neighbourhood and neighbours are expected to be friendly. Don't chat about deep issues like your other neighbour's mad dog who always howls at midnight.
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Meet and greet. This means, whenever you meet her, greet her cordially. A smile is a sure way to captivate her. Don't always stop and chat longer: be in short supply and fan her interest in you.
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You have already made the first move, now you should back away a bit and draw her in. If this is meant to be, she will be attracted towards you and intrigued about who you are.
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Proceed with caution. You are living in close proximity and you don't want her bad-mouthing you to the neighbours and ruining your name. Make sure she has nothing but praise for you!
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Good luck with your attempt at getting the girl next door. We wish you luck. Always remember that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. And that there are plenty of cows grazing in the field. Just in case
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Award-winning mystery writer, Brad Parks, returns with his third book, The Girl Next Door, featuring amateur sleuth and newspaper reporter, Carter Ross.
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Nancy Marino was forty-two-years-old and single. She waitressed at the State Street Grill, delivered Bloomfield, New Jersey's Eagle-Examiner early mornings; and was a shop steward for the International Federation of Information Workers (IFIW), Local 117.
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On a hot, Friday morning in July, a speeding Cadillac Escalade struck and killed her while delivering her papers. The driver disappeared onto the Garden State Parkway; confident he committed an untraceable crime.