Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls next door #02

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Do you like that girl who lives right next door? Does her dog bark at you all the time? What should you do?
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You falling in love with your neighbor is completely possible and chances are that you want to jump into bed with her right away, too. One major advantage that comes with having a neighbor for a girlfriend would be the fact that she will clean your house free of charge, as well - or for a low price, like a movie. Why hire maids when you can just have your hot neighbor do things for you - in a sexy bikini, to boot? Read on to find out deadly methods on how to seduce your gorgeous neighbor and get the deadly fringe benefits that come along with it, too...
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Set It Up. There are a lot of opportunities for you to get close with a neighbor - lucky you! For instance, if you are in an elevator with her, start chatting her up. Once you are spending time together, follow the next tip to build up some rapport...
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Ask For A Favor. Ask your neighbor to do certain things for you. Now, this doesn't mean you should ask her to come over with a mop and dressed in a bikini; simply ask her for trivial favors. For instance, you can ask her to get your mail for you to begin with. Then, tell her you would like to show your gratitude by having some pizza together at your place.
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Build Rapport Right Away. Did she come over? If so, you have to get her to fall for you right away with the help of "emotional elicitation". Talk about her happy past memories and make her give you every single detail about them. Then, get her to do the same for her sad memories straight afterward. Doing this will send her on a small rollercoaster of emotions, made to get her to feel like you have known each other forever - a favorite in the community of underground seduction.
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Everyone would love of that 'girl next door' scenario where you can sneak next door when you please to a rather inviting hot female. You have some fun; you head home just after midnight.
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Wherever you live if there is an opportunity to seduce a neighbour, take advantage of it! For you young guys out there, you have the best opportunities when you're in your student accommodation. You share the same corridor with 100 other chicks!
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For you older guys, you don't walk directly past her door everyday, but im sure there is one on your street that you can't help but take a second glance at.
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Picking up your neighbour is a warm approach in some ways; you already have something in common, you share the same road name. It's only polite to get to know your neighbours so she should be more open to start that initial conversation than some girl in a bar.
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Don't think that this is going to be a walkover; she knows more about you already than you think. She saw you getting changed in the front bedroom last week, and thinks you got to a little bit too much around the waist. She also saw you wear those dreadful boxers when taking the rubbish out late at night. Im sure the list goes on.