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Girls next door #04

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Hinduism is a very old religion. Over the centuries it has mutated from its original form to a religion where some ills seem prominent. But the deep psychic aspect of this religion cannot be ignored. The theories of immortality of the soul with the proved concept of its transmigration as enunciated in the Bhagvad Gita are aspects that merit consideration. In addition Hindu religion is the only religion that accepts the sex act referred in the art of tantra as a way to achieve God.
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India often referred to as Bharat is the name derived from the prince Bharat born out of wedlock between the beautiful Shakuntla, daughter of sage Kanva and the king Dushyanta. Even the Mahabharata records that Kunte the queen had a child Karma from the sun God when she was still a virgin. She of course had to keep it secret. Thus in Hinduism premarital sex was there, though not sanctified.
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In modern day any Hindu girl is thus brought up in an atmosphere that is restricted in the sense that dating is not a phenomena easily accepted. But again it is not impossible to date a Hindu girl and with a little diligence on your part may lead to success. The rule of the game is to go slow in all this as Hindu girls are by society conditioned to avoid male contact. There is a change in some of the big cities where girls and woman work, but even there barriers do exist where dating at first go is not all that easy.
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Dating a Hindu girl will require you first to know the girl. She could be your colleague or simply the girl next door. Once you know her well do get into easy conversation with her. Show her that you know something of the Hindu religion.Tell of the wonderful tale of the Lord Krishna carrying away Rukumani from her palace by force. Relate this episode to the love the lord had for the princess. Recount to her the tale of the warrior queen of Jhansi and follow up by bringing flowers for her. After this grounding you can ask her out for cup of tea at a café. Keep the first meeting chaste and do not touch her at all. Ask her out again for a movie taking care to only catch her hand to cross the road or guide her up the aisle to the hall seats.
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After a degree of familiarity is achieved and you have got her confidence ask her out for a long drive.All along shower flowers and gifts on her and tell her she is beautiful During the drive take some packed food with you. Insure that she takes meat otherwise let the fare be vegetarian. Under a tree in salubrious surroundings you can follow up by kissing her hands and then later her lips. Do not rush it. Slowly get her confidence and you will be a winner. A Hindu girl is an exotic piece of god's creation and with luck this date could lead you anywhere. May be you could even marry her and in case you are from a foreign land take her away. Maybe you could find god as laid down in the tantra.
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Kylie Ann Minogue was born a Gemini on May 28, 1968 at Bethlehem Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The Gemini influence may explain the many faces she has entertained her fans with through the years. She has made the transition from squeaky clean to sex kitten and left a trail of pop hits and ardent fans along the way. Not the least of which is the gay community. Kylie acknowledges and accepts being touted as a gay icon. Her sexual preference, considering this recognition, may seem up to debate as her history of relationships includes the late INXS rock legend Michael Hutchence. Hutchence is given credit for inspiring her new sexy image.
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It is Kylie Minogue's flair for fashion that has earned her the dubious recognition to be named one of PETA's "Worst-Dressed Celebrities of 2008." Her infraction was carrying a python skin purse. Kylie has been described as blend between "Lolita and Barbarella." She has introduced her own lingerie line called "Love Kylie." As a testament to the interest in her body, Madame Tussaud's museum unveiled a waxwork of her body in 2007. This being her fourth wax work, only Queen Elizabeth has more out there. She has stated that it is a wonder as to how many measurements can be made on one's anatomy. In May of 2005 she was diagnosed with breast cancer but it was caught early, successfully treated and she has moved on.
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While a wide array of costumes have graced Kylie Minogue's much acclaimed body, her favorite color is mauve. If she were to be served Brussels sprouts in your home, they may be slipped to the dog. She also dislikes flying and slimy things such as snails. Her favorite singer is Prince as well as being a fan of funk and R & B.
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Kylie Minogue started her career as an actress in the immensely popular Australian soap "Neighbours," playing the role of Charlene. As a result, she was catapulted into her music career by performing Little Eva's number "Locomotion" in 1985. While a popular and colorful singer, she has expressed her desire to be taken seriously as an actress. It seems from her following that Kylie is taken very seriously on all fronts.
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