Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty girls #03

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A pretty girl will be known from miles away. This is because when someone is pretty they will attract everyone they come across. There are so many aspects of being pretty and being pretty is many things. First, let us consider being pretty in the sense of being beautiful. Beauty is best judged by a beholder and it is vital to know what makes girls beautiful. First, their appearance is unmistakable. The face and the shape of the head will matter a lot. The style of hair will also be considered when it comes to being pretty. There is so much a girl can gain from being pretty. First, they will have a higher confidence level. All people want to feel confident and, being pretty will make you feel this. However, this does not mean that all pretty girls feel confident. This is because confidence is very complicated. There are several things that you can do to ensure that you keep pretty. The first thing is to make sure that you work on your attitude. Being beautiful and making sure that you radiate it is not enough. You have to work on what is inside. Inner beauty needs to be there if you want to feel confident about your beauty. Therefore, you have to know how to achieve this.
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It is all about being true to you and appreciating your values and strengths. You need to empower yourself so that you can show the beauty to people. Being pretty on the inside will make you do several things. First, you will treat people with lots of dignity and respect. You will be a kind person who is not filled with bitterness. In other words, people will love who you are without even considering how you look like on the out side. Usually, this is not easy to achieve and you have to make it a daily task to look at your inside and make sure that you are attractive. You will be in a position to love yourself more, building your esteem and finally your confidence. When you are done with this, move on to the next bit of being pretty. First, consider the shape of your head; ask a beautician what styles would make your appearance better.
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All people can look good with the style that best flatter their shape. Another thing that is vital for girls is make up. You have to know what is best for you. Wearing too much make up will not make you pretty. Make up is supposed to help you look like a natural beauty. Therefore, consult a professional or be critical when it comes to using make up. If you master what enhances your look, you will have an easy time achieving the kind of beauty that you want. Therefore make up can actually make your life better and the right make up will always make you happy. The other aspect of being pretty is clothes. The key to looking good while wearing clothes is to look for the best fit. Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Then look for styles that will best suit you best.
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A lot of people say prettier girls are harder to get because they're more snooty and self-righteous and all that stuff, but truth is, pretty girls are the same with all the other girls. They want someone who stands out from the rest, someone who makes them feel special and loved, but the same time, different from the rest of the herd. Attract a pretty girl now and be the envy of town. Just follow the little steps below.
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Stand taller. Your self-confidence will always be your most desirable trait. Being good-looking, rich or influential are just add-ons, but having confidence is the main point. Pretty girls admire guys who are self-assured but not to the point of being arrogant.
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Be charming and witty. Often, guys say the dumbest things when trying to attract a pretty girl. Either they say something lame or weird or will not say anything at all. Put those charms into action. Start off with being polite and then move on to being humorous. If you can make a girl laugh, that's already a great achievement. And keep your statements simple. Simplicity is beauty.
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Observe hygiene. Okay, so guys are natural slobs (we rest our case) and being clean before trying to attract a pretty girl can often slip off our minds. This is basic stuff my friend. Shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, wear clean clothes, wipe your shoes. Being hygienic can take you places, believe me.
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Smile. Nothing beats being approachable and friendly. This helps girls to feel at ease and comfortable around you and you can build a better atmosphere when trying to hit on her. Make the smile sincere. And find something to smile about. Otherwise, smiling by yourself will make you look stupid. Just keep a peaceful aura.
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