Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty girls #06

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You spot her from across the room. She's beautiful. She's gorgeous. She seems to be everything that you DREAM about finding in a woman. And you don't have a clue as to what you should do. Should you just move over and talk to her? Should you try and steal a glance and hope that she notices you
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A lot of men go through these exact kinds of thoughts when they see a beautiful woman. Most guys want to be able to date beautiful women. They WANT to be able to attract a pretty girl. In reality, they end up doing quite the opposite. You don't have to be one of those guys. You can be one of the ones that scoops up a beautiful girl and has other guys filled with envy.
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Stop thinking so much. When I talk to guys that have a hard time with women, one thing becomes clear right away. They think about things too much. They walk through all of these scenarios in their mind and they don't ever get off their duff and actually MAKE a move on a woman. Don't be intimidated with a beautiful woman, instead, learn how to attract a pretty girl, it's easier than you think.
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When you don't know what to do, get to flirting with a woman. The easiest way to make yourself more attractive to a woman is to flirt with her and cause her to feel massive attraction for you. Flirting is the stepping stone to dating a pretty girl, and you have to discover the little cues and clues that will attract her attention and make her want you.
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Don't get caught just staring. While it's easy to get lost in the looks of a pretty girl, you cannot allow yourself to get stuck in this and not make any move at all. See, she IS going to notice you. And if all she sees is that you are staring at her, what do you think she's going to feel? Attraction or a little creeped out?
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It is true, that most girls are looking for a man with humor. Trying too hard is usually the problem. You see, when you try to hard you tend to come off as corny or even worse you will not be taken seriously! This is not a comedy show and you don't want her to laugh at you. You want her to find things you say funny that will attract her to you. So really attracting pretty girls isn't that hard, it just takes some practice.
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Understand that there are other tools to get girls rather than just being funny. Yes it is a powerful strategy but it is NOT the only one. You first have to master your self confidence because I assure you that you will never attract a women to you if your self confidence is not good. Also, knowing how to read and use your own body language can get a woman crazy for you.
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You may want to also use your gestures such as the way you use your facial expressions, and things that you do on a daily basis. An example would be to sometimes give her a slight push, or if she tries to take something from you, hold it a bit before you let it go. Things like this will show her you are truly interested in her and you also have a playful side to you.
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Don't be afraid to mess with her head a little. Here is where most men mess up because they are scared to cross a certain line. Don't let this happen to you. Keeping her on her toes is not a bad thing. It will keep her interested in you because it shows that you are also aggressive and girls like that.
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Ok... a little cockiness never hurt anyone. Don't become a total jerk though. Being a little cocky and adding it with a touch of humor can get a long way. This will make her attracted to you because if you show no signs of cockiness, you will not show any dominate energy. Most men look like duds, because they lack that little edge that will attract the girl to them. Mixing these two emotions such as humor and being cocky will work wonders for you, and make you look like a stud.