Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty girls #07

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Wondering how to attract pretty girls? Having a nice car might not be enough to attract a smart and beautiful woman. She would need an intelligent man with the ability to make her smile. To show her that you can be that man in her life you have to follow a few important steps.
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If you saw a woman you liked and you wish to attract her you have to arrange a new meeting. When you have a common friend this can be easy. Find out where she is shopping and go there too. Make it look like a coincidence.
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It's perfectly normal to be nervous when you ask out a beautiful woman. The important thing is not to show her this. If you have a lot of self confidence you will give her little chance to say no. Women love mature men! Practice in front of a mirror the words you will say to her.
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No matter what she is talking about just listen. Show her that you are interested in her. Women don't like when men treat them like objects. They need to see that you realize how smart she is. It's also important to make her trust you. Show her that you are different!
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A very good tip to make her like you is telling her how much you look forward to become a father. Tell her that you are just looking for the perfect woman to become your wife and the mother of your baby. If you tell her all this she will consider being your woman. This word will definitely go to her heart!
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If she says that she will not go out with you, then you should insist. Don't give up just because of one rejection. She will realize that you really like her. Be careful not to look to desperate though!
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What you really, really have to keep when you just had a breakup is self esteem. This is your only stronghold, and you must be able to lift your head up high, even if it hurts. A pretty girl like you must believe that there is always hope for you and there is always life after the breakup. How to deal with a breakup does not start anywhere else. It starts with you. I have been there and done that too, and many times, and in those moments, I have often asked myself where I must start.
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I have experienced seeking solace with so many things but to no avail. When I started to go back to what really matters-myself-I was able to draw strength to keep my well being. In finding out how to deal with a breakup, you will really have to listen to your self closely.
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Your will hear from yourself so many things-like how you played the game of love so badly, how self centered you are, that everything is all your fault. Be sure to screen out the noise like these. Relationships are always a two-way street, and yes, you might have done mistakes and wrong decisions. But you do not have to take all the blame.
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In figuring how to deal with a breakup, you will have to forgive your self first and foremost. Do not beat your self up. Your relationship did not work, and it had to fall apart for a purpose. What's important is how you have known your self during the course of the relationship. How to deal with a breakup does not have to always be self beating act. Be kind to your self and love your self more. When you do, you will find dealing with your heartache would be easier. How to deal with a breakup may be challenging but you can face it because you are strong.