Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spice girls #03

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This past Sunday night I was browsing the TV looking for something to watch, when I came upon the show Access Hollywood and a former Spice Girl singer leading the celebrity interviews.
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Upon interviewing the ladies participating in the new season of Dancing With The Stars, the Spice Girl (who's name I don't even know, although one could never forget her monstrous ego) conducting the interviews was very rough on the ladies. It was almost as if there was a streak of jealousy in the Spice diva as to the way she was critiquing each lady's performance. The only woman she to whom she was gracious was Priscilla Presley and that primarily due to her age.
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When actress Shannon Elizabeth who dances with Derek Hough was interviewed, I was utterly shocked at how rude and insensitive Access Hollywood's Spice diva dealt with Shannon making unkind remarks which caused Elizabeth to cry.
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Shannon who was dressed in a stunning red dress and undoubtedly had the best legs of any star on the dance floor got harshly spoken to by Italian-born British dancer and professional choreographer Bruno Tonioli. Bruno told Shannon, "If you're going to dance, you had better get those legs in shape!"
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Whether that was a purely physical exhortation from the standpoint of personal fitness or merely outward appearance I don't know. Of course Bruno like Simon on American Idol makes himself famous by being flashy and edgy in his speech.
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I realize Bruno is gay, but any other guy would affirmatively say Shannon Elizabeth is worthy of a "TEN!" shout followed by Bruno's signature approving punch for her legs.
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Hollywood is cruel and not always kind. Give Shannon a chance and she will undoubtedly shine.
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